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Light sources - from UV to IR

Company / Organizer Hamamatsu Photonics
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  • Past Event, On Demand
  • Original Date: June 10, 2021

A source of light is an indispensable component in nearly all active optical systems. The choice of a light source for a given system is predicated on the system’s performance requirements, such as spectral composition, intensity, or spatial and temporal characteristics. It is common, however, that some of the requirements are contradictory, leading to design tradeoffs. The universe of light sources is vast, ranging from the familiar broad-band thermal sources to highly-specialized femtosecond lasers. The webinar begins with a review of the main characteristics of light sources, followed by a discussion of physics principles and application examples of a select group of light sources.


Slawomir S. Piatek
Ph.D., Hamamatsu Corporation and New Jersey Institute of Technology

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